Seville – 16th January 2017

Seville – 16th January  2017

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) once again supports a INFARMADE R&D project. In this case, the titled “DEVELOPMENT OF NEW GENERIC DRUGS FOR THE TREATMENT OF GASTROINTESTINAL INFECTIONS AND THEIR COMPLICATIONS”. This The project focuses on the development of new tools that allow expand the arsenal for the treatment and prevention of digestive pathologies of infectious origin, especially the resistant ones, and also for their complications.
The general objective is the development of the first generic pharmaceutical specialties (EFG) of medicines from the group of antibiotic intestinal anti-infectives, from an active principle that has demonstrated signs of greater efficacy compared to current treatments. Of In this way, INFARMADE will be able to offer the first specialties generic pharmaceuticals, with the same pharmaceutical form and the same composition qualitative and quantitative information on medicinal substances that the specialties of reference. Likewise, the resulting medicines will have more expensive prices. cheaper than those used as a reference, which will allow both reducing costs to public health systems, such as expanding the number of patients who can access new state-of-the-art drugs.

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